• Student Online Learning

    Guidelines & Expectations for Parents and Students


    GOOGLE Classroom

    Guidelines & Expectations:

      • Teachers will be available 8:00-3:00 for questions.
      • Homework hotline is available at 512-969-8510 (M-F 3-8 p.m.)


    • Watch ALL videos (if available) FIRST, and read ALL attached materials before asking questions about an assignment.


    • Submit an assignment only ONE time.  Each teacher has set expectations about how to submit completed work.
    • Comments on Google Classroom are ONLY for work assignments. Students should not use Google Classroom stream to create a group chat not related to the assignment. 
    • No side conversations or messaging with friends not related to the assignment. 
    • Student's Quick Guide to Google Classroom
      • This quick guide tells students how to navigate through google classroom.