Social Studies
  • The goal of the Social Studies Department at Manor Senior High is to prepare our students to be knowledgeable, informed and contributing citizens of our nation and the world.

    The Social Studies Department Mission Statement is to:

    • Appreciate the historical and cultural influences that shape student's individual identities, our national identity, and the cultures and countries that shape our planet.
    • Understand and reason about successes, failures, triumphs and tragedies in human history, particularly as they are reflected in the ideas and actions of the people today.
    • Prepare for adult life of informed and active citizenship and civic engagement.
    • Learn to assess and interpret evidence, to understand change over time, to think logically and to communicate effectively, through written and spoken discourse. 


  • Our AWE-INSPIRING Social Studies Department Team!

    Claude Bassett

    Kenneth Soloff

    Barney Guerra

    Gabby Sewing

    Jennifer Radebaugh

    Timothy Malloy