About Destroying the Gap(DTG)

    The National Education Association says the Achievement Gap is often defined as the differences between the test scores of minorities and/or low income students and the test scores of their White and Asian Peers.  However, it is really "differences between the scores of students with different backgrounds (ethnic, racial, gender, disability, and income) are evident on large-scale standardized tests."

    The purpose of this website is to ensure families in need have access to the resources to ensure their child has an equal and equitable opportunity for success.  


  • About Education Planner

    EducationPlanner is your one-stop career and college planning website. EducationPlanner provides practical and easy-to-understand advice to help prepare students for the important decisions they will face in the future.

    • Middle school students will discover their interests and the things that motivate them by participating in several fun, interactive activities that get them thinking about careers.
    • High school students will discover and learn all about careers and colleges—including ways to pay—using simple search tools, clever interactive exercises, and straightforward instructions.