• Research at Manor ISD

    School districts require researchers to obtain prior permission when planning to enroll public school employees or scholars in research. Manor ISD will require permission from both the school district and the principal of each school involved.  

    Manor Independent School District reviews all proposed studies for the following:

    • How intrusive the research is to the teachers and the classroom
    • How much effort will be required of teachers
    • The impact on the school or district office staff
    • The benefit to the district

    Additionally, school principals have expressed concern regarding downplaying the impact of the studies on schools and overemphasizing the benefits. Principals have also indicated that they are frequently promised data or reports resulting from the research, but these results are rarely shared once the study is complete. Thus, the researcher must sign an agreement obligating the researcher to provide a copy of the raw data, the data analysis, and any thesis or dissertation, or publication. In addition, no research may be published that may cause harm to the district, the district staff, or the district scholars/families.  

    When conducting research in public schools, researchers should also consider whether the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) or the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) also apply. If either of these regulations applies, there will be additional requirements. Please see the following links for more information:

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