• Welcome to College, Career, and Military Readiness​ (CCMR)

    College, Career, and Military Readiness Overview

    Developing graduates that are prepared for success in a globally competitive workforce is the ultimate goal of Manor ISD. The College, Career, and Military Readiness program is designed to support our students. We will ensure that all of our students develop post high school plans.  CCMR supports students accessing information and resources with their future planning.
    Admission to college and finding employment is becoming more and more competitive. Skills like teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration are essential for success. Our students are developing these skills in the classroom through innovative teaching and learning. In addition, students have access to many resources to help them prepare for life after high school. 
    We guide students to:

    • take advantage of opportunities to explore career interests in high school
    • take ownership of their learning
    • understand how advanced and challenging classes help prepare them for college, earn scholarships and qualify for better jobs
    • earn college credit, professional certifications and licenses
    • learn about their strengths and interests and how to apply them for success
    • prepare for college entrance exams and requirements
    • find scholarships and financial aid

    Postsecondary education happens after a student graduates from high school. Postsecondary education looks different from person to person. It may look like:

    • getting an associate’s degree or certification/license.
    • getting a bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university.
    • joining a branch of the military where career fields are developed and college money provided following service.

    CCMR is equipping students with the information, resources, and support necessary to make decisions about post-graduation plans. In our CCMR, students can obtain information on and support for:

    • Application process for college, planning, financial aid (FAFSA), and scholarships
    • Career pathways, skills assessment, and connections to business
    • Enlisting in the military, working with recruiters, and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)