• The Dual Language Program is an additive bilingual program for Spanish-speaking students. In MISD, One-Way Dual Language supports students whose primary language is Spanish to to become bilingual, bicultural , and biliterate through learning in English and Spanish. Currently, ShadowGlen Elementary, Decker Elementary and Bluebonnet Trail Elementary are dual language schools.

    All participating students in the dual language program receive instruction in language arts and content subjects primarily in Spanish in the early grades (K-2) with a grade specific amount of English as a Second Language/English Language Development instruction incorporated daily. English instruction is gradually increased through the grade levels (K-2) and by third grade instruction is presented in a 50% Spanish/50% English format. In grades 3-5, instruction is delivered through a 50% Spanish/50% English mix with Language arts and Science taught in Spanish and and Social Studies, Language Arts and Math taught in English. English learners who meet exit criteria anytime in this program are reclassified as non-limited English proficient, but remain in the program with parent permission.