• Dear Parents,

    To help our children become successful readers we are implementing the MISD High Frequency Word Program.  Many of these words are irregular and do not follow a decoding pattern or rule.  Since 50% of all written text is comprised of high frequency words, it is imperative that students are able to identify these words by sight to ensure success in fluency and comprehension.

    The words are broken into lists of 100 with the expectation of mastery of a set number of words by grade.  Your child will be assessed throughout the year on mastery of the words.

    These words can be accessed through our campus website des.manorisd.net.  Also, there is a free app that can be downloaded for extra practice at home.  The iPhone/iPad app is called Fry Words.  

    Parent involvement at home promotes student success.  Please work with your child to help them reach their fullest potential.  The words your student will be working on this year are attached.  Below are some strategies that you can implement to help your child.

    • Practice daily to reinforce the words.
    • Use newspapers or magazines and have him/her highlight sight words they recognize.
    • Play the “Memory Game” where students turn over word cards (two at a time) looking for matching words.
    • Play “Go Fish” searching for the matching sight word.
    • Have them be a detective and search for sight words on signs, posters, or at the store.
    • Play “Bingo” with sight words.
    • Make sight word flash cards.

    Thank you for your continuous support. 

    Brandon Powell, Principal