About the Manor ISD 290 Players

  • Under the guidance of McArthur Moore and James Byers, The 290 Players are a strong and dedicated group of theatre lovers who have come together to keep the fine arts alive in the Manor Independent School District. We perform at least 4 productions per year, some student directed, and we work extremely hard on each one. One of which we'll take to the University Interscholastic League to have extreme fun competing against other high schools, having anecdotes to tell for the rest of your life. If you show dedication and a good work ethic, you may be inducted to our International Thespian Society troupe, 5485 where you can even earn a letterman jacket! With every rehearsal and performance our bonds grow stronger as a family, accepting all who come, cherish who's here, and appreciate those who've moved onto bigger and greater things.
    Theatre is a very welcoming place, for anybody from any social groups. If you love the limelight, you can act, if you don't like the attention so much, you can become a crew member where you have a myriad of options. In tech theatre you can become a technician and work on the lighting or audio console. If you have an eye for clothing you can join costume, or even do makeup during shows. No matter who you are, there's a place for you in our family.

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