Cheer Team
  • Welcome to Manor High School Cheer, where inclusivity reigns supreme, and hard work fuels our passion for excellence!


    Dedicated to fostering an environment of acceptance and support, Manor High School Cheer welcomes all students who share our love for cheerleading and community. Our team is a diverse tapestry of talents, united in our commitment to spreading positivity and lifting each other up.


    Behind the scenes, our cheerleaders put in major work to prepare for every event. From electrifying football games to thrilling basketball showdowns and spirited pep rallies led by our students, there's never a dull moment with the Manor High School cheer team. Our cheerleaders bring a new flair to the field with our one-of-a-kind style of stomp n' shake cheerleading.


    With meticulous planning, countless practices, and boundless enthusiasm, we ensure that every performance is a memorable experience for our school and community. Manor High School Cheer: where everyone is valued, hard work is celebrated, and every moment is filled with excitement and joy. Join us as we cheer our hearts out and make unforgettable memories together!