Gifted and Talented Screening is open to all ManorISD students

    ¡Por tiempo limitado! ¡Todos los estudiantes pueden tomar una prueba de detección de talento y talento!

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    All students may choose to take the screening test. This is part of a test norming process, and because of our partnership with the test author, it is free of charge to MISD. That means we can test ANY and ALL students who wish to take it! EVEN IF you have already tested into the GT program, or you have tested before and not made it, why not give it a go? More information is always interesting! This is voluntary, and some basic demographic information will be shared with the test maker. Your identity will NOT be shared. Parent permission is required. 

    MISD is interested in finding students who may have been passed over in the past, students who are twice exceptional, and students who might have other differences as well. ALL ARE WELCOME! 

    Todos los estudiantes pueden optar por tomar la prueba de detección. Esto es parte de un proceso de norma de prueba y, debido a nuestra asociación con el autor de la prueba, es gratuito para MISD. ¡Eso significa que podemos evaluar CUALQUIERA y TODOS los estudiantes que deseen tomarla! INCLUSO SI ya ha probado el programa GT, o ya lo ha probado antes y no lo ha hecho, ¿por qué no lo prueba? ¡Más información siempre es interesante! Esto es voluntario, y cierta información demográfica básica se compartirá con el creador de la prueba. Su identidad NO será compartida. Se requiere permiso de los padres.

    MISD está interesado en encontrar estudiantes que hayan sido ignorados en el pasado, estudiantes que sean dos veces excepcionales y estudiantes que también puedan tener otras diferencias. ¡TODOS SON BIENVENIDOS!


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About Gifted & Talented

  • The Manor ISD Gifted and Talented program emphasizes the identification of gifted and talented students beginning in kindergarten. Students may be nominated for evaluation throughout the school year. Identified GT students in grades 1-5 attend AIM Academy ~Accelerate~Innovate~Motivate~ one day per week.

    Additional instructional services in core academic areas for K-12 take place through the use of differentiated curriculum and project-based learning within the instructional classroom. Instructional strategies promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities, problem-solving skills, independent studies, and creative product development. Students are served by classroom instructors who are GT qualified through 30 or more hours in GT professional development and remain current in their qualification by engaging in 6 additional GT professional development hours each year.


    Interested in serving on the Parent Advisory Committee for Gifted and Talented? Email me!