• My name is Crystal Brown and I am a motivated and passionate individual with 14 successful years in education. I am dedicated to equitable education for all students and providing them with a supportive and engaging learning environment. I value teaching the whole child and preparing every student for real life. Teaching students to be reflective of their actions encourages children to be mindful and aware of how they engage with other individuals and the world at large. We our preparing our students to be life-long learners.

    I believe that educating students requires teachers to first build a relationship with each child by building a sense of trust and an inclusive learning community. I also believe students learn best through play. As Principal I want to encourage this kind of learning and cooperation not only of our students, but also of our staff.

    Here at Manor Elementary Early Learning Center we believe that Early Child Education is the foundation for learning.


    Thank you,


    Crystal Brown, M.Ed.

    Principal, Manor Elementary

    Early Learning Center

    Manor Independent School District

    Phone: (512)278-4111 or (737)444-8419

    Twitter: @CmcastanCrystal