About the Manor Elementary Early Learning Center

  • Manor ISD will open an Early Childhood Center at Manor Elementary for the 2019-2020 School Year. Please see frequently asked questions below. Questions can also be sent to the Early Childhood/Pre-K interest area on Let’s Talk! Or by calling 512-278-4186.

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    Students and teacher

    What is the process for enrolling my child in the proposed early childhood center? And who can enroll?

    Families may register their child through the Manor ISD online portal. This portal is accessed through the Manor ISD Website. Registration for PreK begins in April of 2019. If your child turns four on or before September 1st of the current school year, they are eligible to apply for PreK. Families must meet certain criteria to qualify for free PreK. You will need to drop off all required documents at Manor Elementary!

    Can you explain how transportation will work?

    The shuttle times will range from 8-25 minutes. PreK students will still have the opportunity to ride a bus to their home campus. They will then be transferred from their home campus to the early childhood center. Parents will also have the opportunity to drop off and pick up their child off directly at Manor Elementary Early Childhood Center

    Will after-school care be provided?

    Manor ISD will offer after school care through a partnership with YMCA. Families must complete an application with the YMCA. Your child may attend after school care at the Manor Early Childhood Center or your home campus. 

    Will three-year-olds be eligible to register for PK3 at the early childhood center?

    Our PK3 program is offered through a partnership with Headstart. Your family must qualify with Child Inc. in order to register for this program. Please review the Child Inc./Head Start guidelines here. This program is first come, first serve. Please email Diane Russell at diane.russell@childinc.org to schedule and appointment to complete an application. 


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