About Payroll and Benefits

  • Welcome to the Payroll and Benefits Office!

    Our goal is to assist you with all of your payroll and benefits information. 

    Skyward Employee Access

    If you are a current employee and would like to better understand your payroll and employment information, please review the Employee Access Tutorial. If you have questions regarding your paycheck, please email payroll@manorisd.net to schedule an appointment.


    Employment Verification

    Please send all Verifications of Employment (VOE) requests to payroll@manorisd.net or fax the signed VOE to 512-278-4440.

    Manor ISD will be glad to accommodate any inquiries regarding the Verification of Employment when provided a release signed by the previous and/or current employee and sent as follows:

    • Previous or current MISD employees needing dates of employment and/or salary letters: Fax or Email the request and release to MISD Payroll Department at 512-278-4440 or payroll@manorisd.net.
    • Previous or current MISD employees needing employment or salary information completed by form: Fax or email the request and release to the MISD Payroll department at 512-278-4440 or payroll@manorisd.net.
    • Employment information for new MISD employees who have not received their first payroll: Email the form to the Human Capital department at records@manorisd.net.

    Please allow up to 3 business days for completion.

    Direct Deposit and W-4 Information

    Direct Deposit Information:

    • Manor ISD will notify you via email when a direct deposit has been processed.
    • Your check will be deposited into your account on the scheduled pay date.  Please refer back to the semi-monthly payroll schedule for pay dates.
    • Check History for direct deposit will not be mailed out, but can be viewed via the Employee Access Center (in Skyward).
    • Contact the payroll office immediately at 512-278-4220 if your account is compromised. 

    Please contact your campus secretary or department supervisor for instructions on updating your personal information such as Direct Deposit and W-4. If you have questions regarding this change, you can email payroll@manorisd.net.

  • Payroll Forms

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