ESL Certification Requirements and Reimbursement in Manor ISD

  • 4 out of 10 students in Manor ISD are Emergent Bilingual scholars (EBs)!   In a district in which 45% of the student population are Emergent Bilingual scholars, it is essential that our teaching staff is equipped to meet the diverse needs of our students.  Elementary teachers who are not bilingually certified but who serve Emergent Bilingual scholars in MISD are required to be ESL certified.  All secondary ELA teachers in MISD are required to be ESL Certified.

    For grades Pre K-8, all teachers who serve Emergent Bilingual scholars in a content-based model must be ESL certified.  Other teachers may be sheltered instruction trained. For an ESL Content-Based model, all core subject teachers must be ESL certified.

    In grades 9-12, Emergent Bilingual scholars must be served by an ESL Certified English teacher. ESOL I and ESOL II must be taught by teachers who have an English or English Language Arts Certification plus an ESL certification. Other teachers may be by ESL certified teachers or sheltered instruction trained. 

    Teachers new to MISD or teachers who have changed assignments, for whom ESL certification is required, have until October 15 of the fall semester to become ESL certified.

    MISD offers a three-day ESL Academy to prepare teachers to take the ESL TExES Supplemental Exam #154, an endorsement which confers ESL certification.  After taking the ESL Academy, teachers should register to take the TExES ESL Supplemental Exam #154.

    To register for the TExES Exam:

    Please note that there are not many Saturday test dates available.  Computer-based testing is available. The test frameworks for test preparation are located here:


    The Manor ISD Multilingual Education Team will reimburse elementary and secondary content-area teachers who serve Emergent Bilingual scholars for the exam if they pass and have the endorsement added to their certificates. The process will be as follows:

    Teachers register and pay for the ESL exam themselves. Teachers make a copy of the registration receipt.

    Upon passing the test, teachers will need to pay the $77 fee to have the endorsement added to their certificates.  Directions for adding the ESL Endorsement to existing certifications may be found here:

    After the endorsement has been added to the certificate, teachers submit a copy of their certificates plus a registration receipt for the exam to the Bil/ESL department.

    Teachers will be reimbursed for the cost of the exam only --not the fee to add the endorsement.

    Teachers may send a copy of their teaching certificate with the added ESL endorsement along with the receipt for the cost of the exam to Erica Galindo:

    Thank you for your commitment to our Emergent Bilingual scholars and your willingness to expand your learning and licensure in order to meet the needs of our students and program.  Having the certification is just the first step.  Our department is committed to helping to support you as you serve our students.  Please let us know if you need anything.