About Grant Management

  • Grants Management is in the Department of Federal & State Programs under the direction of the Director of Federal & State Programs and is responsible to the Superintendent, the Manor Independent School District (“the District”, “MISD”) Board of Trustees and to the granting agencies for the financial and regulatory administration of all state and federal financial assistance to the District.

    Overall responsibility for submitting proposals and for executing and administering awards rests with the Superintendent. The District has adopted an institutional oversight model for state and federal financial assistance. The oversight model establishes lines of authority within the District related to financial transactions on government assistance received. There are three fundamental principles:

    1. The Department of Federal & State Programs is the final approval authority for all grant activity prior to submission to the Superintendent.
    2. Responsibility is defined as the authority to make a decision and be accountable for any outcomes associated with that decision.
    3. Oversight is always distinct from the operating unit that makes the decisions.

    The overall responsibilities of the Grants Management function include, but are not limited to:

    • Reviewing all grant applications that have a financial reporting or compliance requirement prior to submission for approval by the Superintendent;
    • Establishing, communicating and promoting policies and procedures consistent with federal, state, and local regulations;
    • Providing assistance to project managers for the preparation of grant applications;
    • Exercising budgetary control of grant funds;
    • Providing overall financial support and monitoring: and

    Providing overall compliance monitoring to include;

    • Maintaining an adequate internal control structure to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to the state and federal regulations;
    • Coordinating formal agency audits or interim reviews of grants by federal or state agencies; and
    • Providing support and guidance to Campus and central administrative offices for the effective administration and financial management of grants.