• Mission Statement

    The primary mission of Manor ISD Transportation Department is to provide students with safe and secure transportation to and from school in a friendly environment that enhances the total learning process.

    To accomplish this mission, we will: 

    • Model courtesy, mutual respect, and understanding with students, parents, and our colleagues.
    • Greet all who enter our environment with a smile, encouragement, and a happy attitude.
    • Develop and improve communications with teachers, staff, parents, and students.
    • Ensure that our buses function at the highest possible levels of safety, cleanliness, and comfort for students and drivers.
    • Maintain professional conduct and appearance for both students and the public.
    • Enhance the public’s perception of the Manor ISD through excellence in transportation.


    • To create a culture of positive interactions to foster a
      common vision which supports student success and learning.
    • To ensure all students get to school in a safe and timely manner.
    • To model, encourage and recognize positive attitudes and
      behaviors within our circle of influence in order to create an upward spiral of learning and growth.


    Our drivers are charged with the responsibility of transporting the most valuable cargo. The school bus transportation industry has proven to be the safest mode of transportation; this is an ongoing effort and must have support from parents. It is extremely important that parents instruct students on safety procedures such as going to and from the bus stop safely, standing back (away) from traffic, and no horseplay.

    Pick Up Time Criteria:

    Regular transportation attempts to arrive at every bus stop on time. Due to the variances between individual clocks, students are asked to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time. Buses will load students and depart the stop. Regular buses do not wait for late students. Special needs transportation follows much the same criteria but may wait up to 3 minutes at the stop for the student to load. All buses will wait approximately 10 minutes at the school in the afternoon for students to board. Students are expected to proceed immediately to the buses. Bus drivers are instructed not to stop or open the door for late students due to safety concerns having students too close to moving bus wheels.

    Daily Service Criteria:

    Regular transportation is scheduled to provide service for student riders. Bus stops that do not have riders for 3 days (with no call/no show) may be suspended temporarily for lack of ridership to conserve district resources. Infrequent riders should contact the Transportation Department when service is needed if their bus stop has historically low ridership and verify pick-up time and location.


    Manor ISD is No Place For Hate and the school bus is no exception. The transportation department has a no-tolerance outlook on bullying. To report bullying, please call the transportation department at 512-278-4085.


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Contact Us

  • Please call 512-278-4085 to reach the Manor ISD Transportation Department.