• Standard Mode of Dress District Plan

    • What is Standard Mode of Dress?

      Standard Mode of Dress, or SMOD, is a district-wide expectation of appropriate dress for the learning environment. It is an extension of the district’s dress code that requires all students in elementary and middle schools to wear designated color polo shirts and pants.

    • Why have SMOD?

      Standard Mode of Dress is a a way for Manor ISD to bring a sense of unity and community to each Manor student while helping to alleviate bullying and create a safe learning environment.  The implementation of SMOD will promote respect for oneself and others, build school spirit, decrease unhealthy competition involving fashion trends, reduce the strain on parental clothing budgets, and allow for easy identification of intruders on campus.

    • Exceptions and exemptions to SMOD:

      Reasonable consideration will be given for students who request a waiver of a particular guideline for dress or appearance because of a sincerely held religious belief or medical issue. All cases require a note from a religious affiliation or doctor, or must be written into ARD paperwork in order for the exemption to take effect.

    • Principal Discretion:

      The principal or the principal's designee will make reasonable accommodation for students involved in special duties, activities, or projects approved by the school. This could include but not be limited to athletics, career and technical education, physical education, special events, and other activities that require non-conforming dress on a school campus during a school-sponsored event. Students may be excused from wearing SMOD during special school events such as Homecoming, Spirit Day, Picture Day, or others as named by the principal or designee. Any questions regarding specifics should be addressed by the campus principal.

    • Allowable expressions with SMOD:

      Students are able to continue to express themselves daily through accessories, shoes, acceptable jewelry, headbands, etc. as long as these items meet the district dress code guidelines in the student code of conduct.