Board of Trustees 2022
Manor ISD Team of Eight, (Top to bottom, left to right). Temeika Durden Place 5, Dr. Mary L. Thomas Place 2, Dr. Robert Sormani Superintendent, Stephanie Rodriguez-Barnett Place 1, Fabian Martinez Place 4, Secretary Ana Cortez Place 3, President Monique Celedon Place 6, Vice-President Janie Guerrero Place 7
  • Manor ISD Board of Trustees

    The Board of Trustees acts as the school district’s policy-making body and is the official trustee of the people for all public education in Manor ISD. The Board functions according to state and federal laws, the rules and regulations established by the State Board of Education, the Texas Education Agency and the will of the people as expressed in district elections.

    The seven member board, while composed of individuals, acts officially only as a group. No member or group of members acts in the name of the Board unless authorized by the Board. A majority of the Board constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business. Individual trustees, serving without pay, are elected for four-year terms. 

    The Board of Trustees elects a president, vice president, and secretary to serve one-year terms. It selects and employs the superintendent and delegates the responsibility and authority for the operation of the school district to the chief executive officer. The superintendent advises board members on all matters concerning school management.


    Laura Perez, Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees

MISD Vision
MISD Mission
  • When Does the School Board Meet for Regular Monthly Meetings? 

    The Manor ISD Board of Trustees regular monthly meetings are typically held on the third (3rd) Monday of each month at 5:00 PM. The meetings will take place at the Manor ISD Central Administration Building, located at 10335 HWY 290 East, Manor, Texas 78653. Meeting dates may be added or changed as necessary.

    Notice of a Board meeting shall be posted in the central administration office in accordance with Gov’t Code 551.043(a).


    Meeting Dates

    Start Time

    August 21

    5:00 PM

    September 18

    5:00 PM

    October 16

    5:00 PM

    November 13

    5:00 PM

    December 18

    5:00 PM

    January 22

    5:00 PM

    February 20+

    5:00 PM

    March 25++

    5:00 PM

    April 15

    5:00 PM

    May 21 (New Date)

    5:00 PM 

    June 17

    5:00 PM

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  • How to Contact Board Members

    Written communications can be delivered or mailed to:

    10335 US Hwy 290 E
    Manor, Texas 78653

    Communication not addressed to a specific Board member will be forwarded to the Board President. Email communications can be sent to board members using their email addresses. 

    Anonymous calls or letters will not receive the Board's attention, discussion, or response and will not be referred to the administration for action.