• Dear Decker Middle School Families;


    Students who attend "in person instruction" on campus have the option to take the food home with them on the bus. Students just need to let their teacher know they are needing the food, so that the food will be distributed to them during the school day on Friday. 

    Both in person and virtual scholars may use the curbside pickup distribution. Please note: food distribution is for Decker Middle School Scholars and their families only. 

    For the curbside distribution, please write your child's first and last name and grade level on a sheet of paper and place in the front windshield of your car. Please pull up to the front of Decker Middle School and pop your truck. The food items will be placed into your truck for you. 


    If your family is in need of additional assistance, please contact Decker Middle School at 512-278-4630 so that we can assist you with available resources and help.