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 The campus administrator is responsible for scheduling the hearing and intake meeting with the MAP Clerk.

MAP Instructional Focus

For Students in EOC tested grades

  • The MAP teacher teaches small group instruction following the district scope and sequence.
  • The MAP teacher administers all district CFA’s and CBA’s.

For Non EOC tested grades

  • Students will work on assignments uploaded in google DOCS

Checks for Understanding

  • Teachers will give an assessment every three weeks of the material they are covering in their small group instruction.
  • Dr. Jones will meet with every teacher to discuss the way the content was delivered and the modifications that will be administered to meet the needs of all the students who are not mastering the content.
  • Dr. Jones will monitor modifications through classroom observations and future assessments.
  • Dr. Jones will work with team members to implement student centered activities to meet the instructional needs of our visual and kinesthetic learners.

Student Work

  • Dr. Jones emails all of the students' teachers through skyward upon their MAP placement.
  • Teachers will give the assignments to students and return it to their home campus via email, google drive or whatever medium the teacher from the home campus prefers the assignment.
  • Each teacher will return completed assignments to lMrs. Garcia and she will return the assignment to their home campus.

 If the home campus does not upload assignments (Core Courses)

  • MAP teachers will email their counterparts at the campus to obtain assignments for students within their class.
  • After two email requests, teachers will contact Dr. Jones
  • Dr. Jones will work with the home campus administrators to get the assignments uploaded into google docs
  • In the interim, the MAP teacher is responsible for reviewing the scope and sequence in eduphoria and assigning relevant work.

If the home campus does not upload assignments (Elective Courses)

  • The MAP teacher will email the teacher of record to request assignments
  • The MAP teacher will contact Dr. Jones after 1 request
  • Dr. Jones will follow-up with campus administrators after he is aware that the teacher of record has not uploaded the assignment.
  • It is imperative that elective teachers submit assignments because MAP teachers can not assign grades for elective courses.


  • Dr. Jones or a designee will email the grades of MAP students to each campuses every three weeks and six weeks
  • Dr. Jones or a designee will email release grades to each campus when a student completes their placement.
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