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High Schools


All Manor ISD students and parents are to read and sign the responsible use agreement. While all Manor ISD students have access to iPads, Manor High School and Manor New Technology High School students are allowed to use them at home as well. Parents of high school students read and sign the iPad user agreement when completing online enrollment. If a parent/guardian does not want Manor ISD to issud a mobile device to their student, they must notify the high school principal within ten school days fo teh student's first day of instruction for the school year.
For information regarding when students will receive their iPads, please visit the Manor High School or Manor New Technology High School websites. 


Manor High School:

Moving forward, the iPad Initiative will take innovative learning to the next level at Manor High School. The teachers will engage in regular professional development surrounding the next steps for implementing the iPad into their classroom. Moreover, student expectations will reflect the need for innovative learning by using the iPad daily. 


Manor New Technology High School:

Manor New Technology High School was chosen to be one of the first campuses to receive iPads in a 1:1 capacity, and immediately found the devices to be an invaluable tool for students. They have become the default personal resource for project based learning, allowing students a personal device for reading, writing, research, and multimedia authoring. Because the devices are checked-out to the students, creating and learning takes place outside the classroom anywhere, anytime.


Manor Excel Academy:

A major part of the iPad Initiative at Manor Excel Academy is the professional development for teachers and staff pertaining to the use of the devices in an instructional setting. Manor ISD’s team of Innovative Teaching Strategists, the iTeach Manor Team, facilitates and organizes many learning events and professional development opportunities for teachers and even the surrounding community. These events are focused on discovering and implementing innovative technology for best practices in teaching and learning.


Manor Excel Academy utilizes iPad bundles across the campus focusing on curriculum delivery and formative assessment tools. Teachers are also in the process of building online virtual courses to support students in their academic path as well as prepare for state tests. Students also participate in guided lessons on digital literacy in order to understand professional conduct while using digital devices.