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Manor New Tech Middle School Parent Night: Monday, June 5 (6th Graders) Tuesday, June 6 (7th and 8th Graders) 6-8 pm. Manor High School Performing Arts Center
iPad Initiative » MHS & MNT Safety Tips

MHS & MNT Safety Tips

Because Manor High School and Manor New Technology students are allowed to take their iPads home, it is important to keep them and their iPad safe. By following these simple tips, they can reduce help the risk of personal harm and iPad theft.

Keep a low profile in public - When outside school and your house, you should keep your device out of sight.  Do not use your device at the bus stop or other public places.  Keep your iPad in your backpack or purse until you are on your bus or at school.

Never leave your iPad in a car - If a thief sees your device or other valuables in your car, they are more likely to break into it.  Always take your iPad inside with you to keep it out of site and to protected from extreme temperatures.

Never leave your iPad unattended - No matter where you are, it is important to keep your iPad on your person or in a safe location. This is especially important when in public, at school, or at a house other than your own. 

Turn on Find my iPhone - This free app is an easy away to help recover your iPad if it is lost or stolen.  If you need help turning Find my iPhone on, please ask a friend or teacher for assistance.

Please remember that your personal safety is far more important than any mobile device!