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iPad Initiative » MHS & MNT FAQs



How will iPads be restricted for students?

Certain restrictions are placed on student iPads that limit personal use and encourage an academic focus. Examples of restrictions are:

  • Removal of FaceTime and iMessage apps
  • Inability to add personal apps, iTunes accounts, and iCloud accounts.
  • Limited access to YouTube on the district network.
  • App access limited to vetted educational apps.

Will all textbooks be on the iPad?

Currently, secondary campuses will have an electronic version of textbooks for Social Studies, Math, and Foreign Language.

Will they be equipped with tracking software?

iPads are tracked on wireless networks with district purchased software.

Are we limited to school-purchased iPads?  

Students may bring their own personal device to school. Personal devices are not serviced by district technicians. District purchased apps will not be installed on those personal devices.

Do all apps require the Internet?

No. There are many applications that students can work on without internet access. If they are cloud based then content will be saved to the cloud once they hit a network.

What if it's lost versus stolen?

If it is lost, then technically it was stolen. Someone else has it. File a police report and it will be replaced.

Will students be able to track their own iPads if they misplace them?

No. Students will not be able to create their own accounts on iPads this year.

Will there be a filter to block what students will be able to view on the iPad?

At school the iPad will connect to the district's filtering system which blocks inappropriate content. Outside of school the district cannot control what students search on other WiFi networks. For more information about speaking with your children about safety online contact counseling services, family and support services, or

Will iPads be set up with Manor apple ID account?

Apps will be managed and distributed by Manor ISD through our own app store (self service). Students will not be able to create their own accounts on the iPads.

How will this impact typical school instruction?

Integration of digital devices increases engagement, opens communication and teaches valuable skills for college and career readiness. Technology does not replace good teaching, but instead provides valuable tools for teachers to use with their students and the community.

What's the hard drive size?

iPad Airs are equipped with 32 GB of storage. Manor ISD students have (virtually) unlimited cloud-based storage with their Manor ISD Google Drive account.

Will you monitor what they do at home with the camera?

No, there is currently no way to monitor this. For more information about speaking with your children about safety online contact counseling services, family and support services, or

What about accidental damage?

It will be replaced. Please read the Loan Agreement below for procedures.  

What if I forget to charge my iPad?

iPads need to come to school charged daily. Failure to charge your iPad before coming to school could affect class performance.

Who is paying for this?

District bond funds, approved by district voters, have covered the cost of the infrastructure and devices.

If I damage my iPad and it's not usable, what will happen while I'm waiting for it to be fixed?

You will be issued a loaner iPad, usually an iPad 2.

Can I put non educational related apps on my iPad?

Teachers are able to request apps for educational use to be added to the MISD app store (self service). Apps absent of any educational use will not be allowed.

Can I video classroom activities including teachers and other students?

Due to privacy issues students are discouraged from shooting video of other individuals without their consent. If in doubt, always ask.

Will students be able to access social media?

Social media apps will not be available. Different social media sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) can be accessed through a browser.