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Manor ISD was awarded the Texas Literacy Initiative grant (TLI). The purpose of the TLI grant program is to improve school readiness and success in the areas of language and literacy.


The goal of the Texas State Literacy Plan is to ensure that every Texas child is strategically prepared for the literacy demands of college and/or career by high school graduation. To achieve this goal, the plan centers on early language and preliteracy skills for age 0 to school entry and on reading and writing instruction for students in grades K-12.

The plan streamlines and organizes initiatives and resources currently in place from age 0 through grade 12 and moves them into a focus for college and career readiness. The plan includes effective literacy practices at the state, district, site and classroom levels, as well as the home or other service settings.

The goals of the grant program are to:

o   Increase the oral language and preliteracy skills of participating preschool children

o   Improve the performance of participating K–2 students on early reading assessments

o   Increase the percentage of participating students who meet or exceed proficiency on the state English language arts assessments in grades 3–12

o  Increase the use of data and data analysis to inform all decision making in participating districts, campuses, classrooms, and early learning settings

o   Increase the implementation of effective literacy instruction through Literacy Lines


(Information from: Texas Literacy Initiative (2012). The Texas State Literacy Plan)