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Freshmen Personal Graduation Plan Sessions: July 26-MHS Performing Arts Center 6 pm-7 pm. July 27-MHS Performing Arts Center 9 am-10 am & 6 pm-7 pm.
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Graduate Profile

In January of 2012, the Board of Trustees adopted the Graduate Profile for Manor ISD. In keeping with our philosophy of 21st century learning skills being essential to student success in life, the following skills are those that all Manor ISD graduates should possess or demonstrate:


Collaboration - Learning, sharing knowledge, and working together toward a common goal.


Communication - The process of effectively sharing and receiving information to expand understanding.


Critical Thinking - Using reason to investigate questions, analyze information, and solve problems.


Digital Citizenship - The responsible use of technology, including hardware, software, and online resources, to enhance learning, productivity, communication, and performance.


Work Ethic - The practice of producing quality work demonstrated by personal responsibility, commitment to team, and completion of tasks.