Mission Statement

The Manor ISD Transportation Department—Transportation Services exists to safely and reliably transport students to and from school, and school-related activities in support of an educational system designed to empower our students for today and tomorrow.

Navigational Goals:
  • Our goal is to create a culture of positive interactions to foster a common vision which supports student success and learning.
  • Our goal is to create and communicate a clear and unified vision which will result in student achievement by providing student access to exemplary learning environments.
  • Our goal is to model, encourage and recognize positive attitudes and behaviors within our circle of influence in order to create an upward spiral of learning and growth.
Program Description:

The mission of the Transportation Department of the Manor ISD is to provide safe and dependable transportation services for use by our customers while simultaneously assuring that our services are cost-effective for present and future district shareholders. Transportation services provided by the Transportation Department include: Home/school route service for all students, mid-day pre- kindergarten route service, extended day tutorial route service, late activity transportation, and charter service for field trips.