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Interdistrict Transfers

Nonresidents shall be considered for enrollment in Manor ISD schools based on the following requirements:

1.     Timely application shall be made by the student, parent or guardian on the appropriate form.

2.     A transfer shall not violate existing statutes.

3.     A transfer shall not be approved that would limit the educational opportunities of resident students. 

4.     Applications for transfer shall be considered on an annual basis.

5.     To the extent permitted by law, attendance, academic performance, including grades and results of the state-mandated assessment system, and the disciplinary history shall be considered for transfer approval.

6.     The Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee has the authority to accept or reject any transfer request, provided that such action is without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability, or national origin.

Please fill out a form for each student requesting to transfer into Manor ISD

Application Deadline: 5 p.m., June 1, 2015