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MISD 2017-2018 Healthcare Enrollment

 The Manor ISD enrollment session for any changes to your health insurance and/or supplemental benefits begins July 1 and ends August 22.  Manor ISD will continue to provide employees up to $354 monthly contribution towards their health plan.


Please review the new monthly 2017-2018 Health Coverage Rates attached.  Please note the premium increases on the ActiveCare 1-HD, ActiveCare 2, ActiveCare Select, and the Scott & White plans.  There will no longer be an employer paid credit option under the ActiveCare 1-HD Employee Only tier.

When does enrollment begin?  When does it end?

Enrollment begins July 1 and ends August 22.

What if I do not plan to make changes to my health insurance?

If the employee does not plan to make any changes, there will be no need to meet with a representative to make any changes.  The employee’s benefits will carry over automatically. 

What about my current medical ID card?

A replacement card will not be sent to the employee if they are not making changes. The employee will continue to utilize their current medical ID card.  If the employee has not received a medical ID card, they may contact TRS-ActiveCare customer service at 800-222-9205 for a new/replacement card.

Will I need to add dependents even if I am only enrolling myself?

Yes, it is required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to enter the names of the employee’s dependents through the online system.

Are there services or tools that provide a better understanding of the health plan I am interested in selecting?

Yes, there is a new tool employees can utilize: ALEX is an online tool you can use to learn more about TRS-ActiveCare plan options available to you as you determine the plan best for you and your family. ALEX collects some simple information and walks you through benefits at  Further information on the 2017-2018 Enrollment Guide attached.

How do I enroll if I am making changes to my health plan?

Two Options:

1.     Online Enrollment – Employees are able to log into the First Financial Group of America’s enrollment system (FFEnroll hereafter) by following the Online enrollment instructions attached.  If an employee has problems enrolling through the online system, they may contact the support desk at 855-523-8422 from 7:00am – 5:00pm, M-F.

2.     Schedule An Appointment – Contact the Benefits Coordinator, Ezequiel Zaragoza, 512-278-4018 to schedule an appointment for enrollment in healthcare.

What if I want to make changes to my supplemental benefits (vision, dental, etc.)?

Employees will need to schedule an appointment with First Financial Group of America’s Senior Account Administrator, Cody Tarver at in August or by contacting the Benefits Coordinator, Ezequiel Zaragoza at or 512-278-4018, to schedule an appointment with Cody Tarver.

What if I need further information about how the plans differ?

Employees can utilize the new tool ALEX  Attached contains further information regarding the health plans offered.  Any questions or concerns regarding the health plans are also available online at or  An employee can also contact the TRS-ActiveCare Customer Service line at 800-222-9205.

What if I recently moved, and don’t know if my new information is updated?

Employees are able to log into FFEnroll and review all their personal information.  When updating information in FFEnroll, please make sure the address is also updated in Skyward.

What if my spouse and I both work for the same district or another district participating in TRS-ActiveCare?

Married employees who are active contributing TRS members may “pool” their local district and state funding to use toward the cost of TRS-ActiveCare coverage. 


If an employee and spouse both work for the same participating district, funds may be pooled. 

·         One employee selects employee and spouse coverage, and the spouse declines coverage; or

·         One employee selects employee and family coverage, and the spouse declines coverage.


If an employee and spouse work for different participating districts/entities, they may wish to pool funds.  The decision to enter into a split premium arrangement must be made during the annual enrollment or within the election period of a special enrollment event.

·         One employee selects employee and spouse coverage, and the spouse declines coverage, or

·         One employee selects employee and family coverage, and the spouse declines coverage.

Please see Benefits Coordinator ( for further information.

What if I have not received my new medical ID card by September 1?

If you have not received the medical ID card you are able to use a temporary Medical ID card.  Employees can either register online using Aetna Navigator at or download the app in order to obtain a temporary medical ID card.  When your profile is created after registering using Aetna Navigator, you will be able to view your claim history and other information.

This will save time using self-service tools at Aetna Navigator, your secure member website. There you can:

-Find a network provider in your plan

-Check the status of a claim and print Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements

-Request new ID cards; print temporary ID cards

-Confirm who is covered under your plan

-Check benefits and coverage

-View your personal health record

-Learn about and enroll in wellness programs

 If you have any questions regarding the plans in general, please email the Benefits Office at


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